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4,118 collection. Community utility we educate underprivileged communities & children about DAO’s, NFTs & DeFi. Each Lil DAO resides on the Solana blockchain as a unique non-fungible token (NFT). Every Lil DAO is made up of a unique combination of traits and underlying “DNAs”. Holding a Lil DAO NFT makes you a member of a community that serves to prepare and educate families for the future of DeFI & DAOs.

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Community Utility


Researching and evaluating the current market, and compile ideas to generate a curriculum for activity books and workshops. Creative input from the community on future Lil DAOs projects.


Collaborate with community, create and build new artwork, for future projects and development to a stronger community. We will host talent submissions for our community artists  for new design ideas.


With purpose, education is the key component of Lil DAOs. Educating our community and underprivileged communities about DeFi and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, is where our heart is.

Community Builds Value

Our mission is to provide tools for underprivileged children and their families to participate in new growing ecosystem of finance, business and art. Educating the youth about decentralized finance and web3 technology is essential, and every bit of information shared can change the future for anyone especially those less fortunate.

4118 Unique Lil DAOs


Since early 2020, our journey strengthened due to the world pandemic with our family and friends in the community. We truly relied on each other for resources and support. That time has built a stronger community and connection for us, which led us to want to educate ourselves about DeFi, Crypto and Nfts. We decided to create a series of books for children and teenagers about Decentralized Autonomous Organization's, Defi, Crypto and Nfts.

Phase 1
In progress

The beginning of our journey, we'll be dedicating our energy to art creation, rarity system, digital DAO book and most important community growth.

Phase 3
coming soon

Community donation to low income education program. Host a class to educate the community about DeFi and Nfts. Giveaways and Partnerships

coming soon


Phase 2
coming soon

Marketing, increase social media presence. Build an official Discord. Start the layout for first edition hard copy book.

Phase 4
coming soon

Finish our first edition hard copy book, get published and ready for distribution for the fall. More community events and giveaways

Lil DAOs Fam


Creative director, Co-founder

The one who spends all the time in front of a screen drawing and coding.



Creator, Artist, Genius. Jr. Web3 Dev


Project Coordinator & Design lead

Extreme strategist, picky curator and two Masters in Special Education & Trauma, Early Childhood Dev.

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